It’s a Black Thing… I’m Sure You Understand

Black Women.. Curators of the Culture I was taking a beat over the last few weeks and looking at the construct of the Black Woman. We are the move in the culture, we are the templates used to determine what is hot or not, we are Magic and we most definitely Rock. What I am most disappointed by is, all of the aforementioned is not … Continue reading It’s a Black Thing… I’m Sure You Understand

Have You Met Ace Hood?

Of course we were all familiar with him but we’d only met him, informally through someone else. It was about a week ago though, that we were formally introduced and I have to say I am glad I was given the opportunity. Sharing his transition from signed artist to independent artist, Ace Hood was featured on New York’s Power 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club. … Continue reading Have You Met Ace Hood?

It’s Our Anniversary

Martiiiiin Lawrence Can you believe one of the greatest TV sitcoms of all time is 25 years old? Martin hands down was and still is comedy television gold. Even though it’s well known the demise of the show was because of Martin’s substance participation and boundary issues with Tisha Campbell, I know I am not the only person that still blames her for the show ending. Legend has it … Continue reading It’s Our Anniversary