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Blogless Behavior, is your BRAINY & BRILLIANT BLOG!

You’ll get a taste of what every other blog is talking about, but more than anything you’ll get an opportunity to see what an Anti-Blog, Blog reads like. Crazy Right? If I say this is your Brainy & Brilliant Blog, how can I then say, we’re your Anti-Blog, Blog? It’s as simple as this, there isn’t much in what dominates society that doesn’t intersect with entertainment. Whether that be, love, religion or politics it’s all about perspective, interpretation and how you regurgitate it.
Case in point, everyone knows who the US President is, but how do you redeliver his latest tweet?

I am just a girl (who’s very much a grown woman) that likes to put words and pictures together and DRESS SUPER CUTE! Blogless Behavior, is good soil. In order for things to grow, your seeds have to rise through some dung. There’s no escaping that fact. Just continue to point and click your way around and rest assured the harvest is sure to be worth it. It’s the process of helping you rise through the dung and wanting you to be the manifestation of all that’s in that tiny seed, is what makes this Brainy & Brilliant Blog, your Anti-Blog, Blog.

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