Is that silver? No it’s Platinum!

Congrats are in order to Tammy Rivera. Her independently released single, “All These Kisses” is RIAA certified platinum. The single produced by Mr. Turn the Lights On, Rico Love achieved this accomplishment without a major label or its machine. The Comment Section initially shunned her talent and tried to regulate her to rapper’s wife status.  That was until she displayed her bona fide vocal ability … Continue reading Is that silver? No it’s Platinum!

Have You Met Ace Hood?

Of course we were all familiar with him but we’d only met him, informally through someone else. It was about a week ago though, that we were formally introduced and I have to say I am glad I was given the opportunity. Sharing his transition from signed artist to independent artist, Ace Hood was featured on New York’s Power 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club. … Continue reading Have You Met Ace Hood?

Movie Review

I was flipping through Amazon’s streaming service looking for independent movies with horrible cinematography, lighting and sound. I look for these movies to roll my eyes and hopefully find a great story but more times than not, I am rolling my eyes. Through my eye rolls, I do often have to check myself. These filmmakers have people who believe enough in their stories to support them. … Continue reading Movie Review