Hue Me? Yes Hue!

The Songstress whose runs rang from the mountain top about the lack of inclusion in the Beauty Community’s mainstream, hasn’t been silenced but we can hand her a few throat lozenges. There are still some miles to hike but the trail is dripping in melanin these days. The 70’s Moto that said the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, has not lost its truth. And Babyyyy It’s Black Berry season all year long. Thanks to social media, crowd-source fundraising and good old fashion support of your own, Woman of Color are taking their beauty desires in their own hands and many are doing so without the cosign of your favorite celebrity.

There are cosmetics lines galore in your explorer feeds that are geared to your current needs. Some products are phantom products from China with that’s person’s brand name on them and I am not mad at that, everyone has their own ground zero. There are others who took a real stake in our needs. Case in point, Juvia’s place,, Hue Noir, or Replenish Skin Care Company, Lucky for these companies, women of color had been through their fair share of dung the beauty industry threw at us.  The beauty needs of Women of color was fertile ground they could plant there seeds in. Yet and still the harvest is plentiful but the laborers were/are few.

I recall watching an Insta-Story from Chelsie Worthy, the creator of Traptorials. During her Insta Rant she recalled not being included and recognized by the larger beauty brands. She didn’t get those PR boxes her other beauty blogger peers received. She wasn’t going on fancy trips or offered collaborations. She didn’t let that stop her from creating a lane all her own. If you’ve watched her make-up tutorials, you know she is all about her highlight. Instead of being bitter, what did she do? She created her own highlight and they are popping. You can find her products on Taking her notoriety in her own hands, she had garnered hundreds of thousands followers and created a brand that sets her apart from the rest.


Another lane WOC are blazing is in the area of subscription boxes. When the concept of subscription boxes dropped it wasn’t something I was interested in. I didn’t see anything in the commercials that I’d be interested in. Hell, I didn’t need a sample size of something, I am the queen of returns, if something doesn’t work out, the store will not hold my money hostage, LOL. Fast forward to these fine lines and wrinkles trying to expose me and my age, I threw my hat in the ring and subscribed. I subscribed to the big name subscription service I saw getting all kinds of commercial time, while I am trying to learn how to contour and cut crease down to the YouTube.

That subscription was short lived because as you know, big brother is always watching and knows what we need, when we need it and most times when we don’t. Shortly after my first subscription order, my social media feed was reeling with ads from subscription boxes and I’ll be, these subscription boxes had me and my fellow hues in mind. I looked around at a few of them and settled on the Onyx Beauty Box. Their monthly rate is a bit higher than the mainstream brand but that didn’t matter to me. I need this brand and others like it to flourish. I need the smaller or less known brands that participate in these boxes to know their consumer base is out there and we want to support. I also wand these brands to know there are other marketing tools for you outside of social media and hoping your friends and family will support. Not to mention getting more than $70 worth of skin, nail, and hair items that are full-size or deluxe-size ain’t too shabby for $25.00 a month. That is what the Onyx Boxes contain.


There is a verse in the bible that  in summation says, you have not because you ask not. Many of Hue have asked and these brands have answered. Now all you have to do is trust the process. With the time and strategy it takes to simply launch a brand, these brands have invested in themselves and Hue.  If you have 47 dollars to give Nars without a second beat, what’s the harm in paying it forward with companies that look just like Hue? What doesn’t work for you, I am sure will work for someone you know.

As your mamma/grandma used to say, “Don’t say I ain’t never done nothing for Hue! Below are some links that will send you pointing and clicking to all Hue could ever want or need in beauty:


Skin Care:


If you haven’t had a chance to see how Chelsie Worthy does her thing, check her out below:

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