Is that silver? No it’s Platinum!

Congrats are in order to Tammy Rivera. Her independently released single, “All These Kisses” is RIAA certified platinum. The single produced by Mr. Turn the Lights On, Rico Love achieved this accomplishment without a major label or its machine. The Comment Section initially shunned her talent and tried to regulate her to rapper’s wife status.  That was until she displayed her bona fide vocal ability on social media.

tammy all these kisses

During an interview, Rico included himself as one of the naysayers. Cue, American Idol’s Randy Jackson’s infamous quote, it was a no for him, dawg. Yet Tammy was confident enough in her talent that she didn’t seek Love’s Grammy nominated production prowess, looking for a handout or even a cosign. She simply wanted a veteran to trust the process. Tammy financed her entire project on her own, despite having full access to her husband, Waka Flocka Flame’s finances and influence. Instead Waka relished in his wife’s ability to carry her own and took on the role as leader of the street team.

The reporting on the official form of this RIAA Certification varies.  Yet, whether it was on demand streams or actual purchased downloads, the glow of the platinum plaque that will grace the walls of the Malphurs’ home was all because Tammy Rivera believed in herself. And now there are at least a million people who not only believed but wanted to hear the songs that rest in her heart.

There is a lesson in this achievement for all of us with a dollar and a dream. A Platinum plaque may not be in the cards but there is no denying, that the achievement of your dream starts with YOU making the first move. You can’t rest on your laurels or depend on anyone to give you anything or believe in you more than you do.

Congrats Tammy, we look forward to hearing more from you. Check out the visuals for this platinum single below:


Photo Cred: Instagram

Instagram: @charliesangell




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