Dominique DeMoss

Here at Blogless Behavior, we are always looking to celebrate the accomplishments of those, Who Got Next. With that in mind, allow me to present to some and introduce to others, Dominique DeMoss. Through her skin care line, Replenish Skin Care, Dominique most definitely Has Next. Spending a decade plus celebrating the beauty of women via Makeup Artistry, Dominique found herself taking on the task of educator. As clients asked why they couldn’t get their makeup applications to looks as flawless as they imagined, Dominique found her next calling. We asked Dominique, what ignited the spark in her to start this new business venture. Her reply was pure in heart.

“Last year, I was speaking to friend about how to make her foundation look smoother. She was so frustrated that her makeup was not appearing as smooth as other women. I then asked her a few questions regarding her skin type. She looked puzzled, because I think she thought I would suggest a primer or certain product to make her foundation smoother. The truth is you can’t paint perfection on a dirty canvas.

“Taking care of your skin is imperative. We all want a flawlessly beat face, but there is work behind the scene that has nothing to do with makeup, it’s all in the skincare. When I noticed how many women were piling on makeup products, thinking that it would alleviate their “smooth look” issue I knew that there was a new approach that had to be taken, therefore I launched Replenish Skincare Company.”


Dominique DeMoss is a reflection of so many of women today. Despite the uptick of women’s empowerment, her life’s scales too have to find balance between marriage, motherhood, work and the call the Lord has placed in her spirit. Answering the Lord’s call meant she had to tap into one of her love languages, Service.  In a me-me very self-serving society, Dominique beams with pride when she speaks about what motivates her.

“My motivation comes from many sources, but I would say that my highest motivating factor comes from God. I love to serve, I feel happiest when I serve, and I feel most complete when I serve. Replenish Skincare Company donates 10% of its monthly profit to Living Water International to help fight the global water crisis in the name of Jesus Christ. We feel as a company that we can help to provide clean water to nations who need it most. There are women, children, men and communities as a whole that are sick and dying from illnesses that can be cured by simply providing clean water. So we made it a point to make sure the Replenish product has a purpose that was more than skin deep.”

It takes a special kind of tenacity, the true definition of persistence when one answers the call to be an entrepreneur. It takes more than an idea; the Entrepreneurial Spirit comes with its share of burdens. Dominique knew her approach to seek change in a saturated marketplace was a mindset that required innovation.  Despite the overwhelming number of products boasting to be a woman’s skin care go-to, Dominique recognized there was still room for improvement. When asked, how the idea for her business came about? There was no hesitation in her response.

“I knew I wanted a brand that was plant based, because I thoroughly believe that what we put on our skin is important.  I read a well-researched article that said 60% of what we put on our skin enters our blood stream. Our skin is our largest organ and its time that we protect it. I wanted ingredients that were plant derived to present to women that were struggling with skin issues.  Whether it is eczema, psoriasis or any other skin issue, I started wondering what I could do to help fill this need.  Thought a little harder over time, and decided to launch Replenish.”

Replenish Skin Care Company isn’t a phantom brand whipped up in a land far away.  This product line was mission critical for those of us with a desire to care for our skin the right way but wanting to rid ourselves of products littered with ingredients we can’t pronounce. Replenish Skin Care products are 98% plant based and you can rest assure that through Replenish Skin Care, Dominque DeMoss cares about your skin just as much as you do. The formulation process wasn’t as tedious as one would think. With experience and research on her side Dominique says, “I knew I wanted a quality product. I linked up with amazing manufactures, who listened to what I wanted in a product and they provided that for me. I sampled a few of their formulations, used the products as a trial run, and fell in love, and the rest is history.”

Experts say, acknowledgment of your faults is the first step in making the changes you need for your next chapter in life. Dominique is no different when recalling her control-alt-delete moments and recognizing some of her failures. She acknowledges lacking patience is where she struggled the most. “I tend to get over excited and rush. I sometimes bite off more than I can chew at a time, and therefore everything doesn’t digest as well as I would have imagined it to. Failing to have patience at all times and in all areas, is my biggest failure.”

No Entrepreneur can go it alone. It’s your support system and accountability partners that give you that push when you want to throw in the towel. Having an accountability partner in her husband who is also an Entrepreneur has been the complimentary component to the growth of Dominique’s business. “Both my husband and I own businesses. We both are very dedicated people, so it is hard to find time to feel as though you are giving 100% to all areas. And honestly I don’t think you ever really will, in general. We tend to give our attention to what area needs it most at that time.”

Possessing the Love Language of Service requires tapping into a higher power that some may not understand. Yet it’s what motivates many entrepreneurs to stay to the course. Dominique’s faith keeps her focused on the end game. “Keeping God at the center, saying small prayers throughout the day, taking deep breaths, and laughing things off has really helped me to stay calm when trying to balance LIFE. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding, but not as rewarding as spending quality time with my daughter and family. I make sure and try to devote specific times to everything I love, and that definitely includes Replenish.”

Dominique’s goal with Replenish Skincare Company wasn’t to reinvent the wheel. There aren’t any promises of Replenish being life changing but Dominique recognizes what separates her brand from the rest. “Every day we have a chance to change something in our lives or add something to it. The products themselves literally REPLENISH the skin! When you finish our wash, tone, moisturize three step, your skin not only looks and feels better, it glows. You have fed it, nourished it, you have added back into it what free radicals and sun damage have removed.F7D9F1A1-7690-440B-82DF-E3BDC267C55A

“After one night, you will notice the difference. Clear skin is a confidence booster! I love to think that it gives my clients the empowerment to go out there into their worlds and stare their goals right in the face, with confidence.  Whether it is a 9-5, stay at home gig, or chasing your little ones all day, all women deserve to look in the mirror and see themselves glowing right back at them.”

With the right formulas in place, nothing says, “Buy me,” like attractive packaging and Replenish Skin Care Company delivers ten-fold. Replenish Skin Care is the gift that keeps on giving with its sleek and chic appeal. When asked what the inspiration was when selecting the design, Dominique’s response fell right in line with my initial thoughts. “Nothing packaged this pretty could have garbage in it.

“When choosing the packaging, I wanted something that said chic, yet empowering, something noticeable, yet very elegant. A lot of the time we think plant based and we automatically think boring, whether it is our diet or our skincare products and I loved that the chic, black design, was EVERYTHING other than boring, but still provided quality ingredients inside.”

Now that Replenish Skin Care Company has boldly entered the skin care market with rave reviews, Dominique is setting her sights on slowly expanding the brand. With patience as her guide she says, “Replenish Skincare Company is ready for the next level, but I’m making sure that I am patient and deliberate with my decisions. We are working on adding a BB cream to the line for my ladies who want a throw on and go, easy to apply, tinted anti-aging moisturizer for everyday use. We are looking to release that this summer. We are also looking at branching out and maybe including a hair care item in our brand.

“We are exploring that avenue; I hope that my clients will be open to that idea. As for me, and what’s next for me, well honestly I am just enjoying the ride. God is blessing me left and right with beautiful relationships, and I know as long as I put him first in my life (including the Replenish brand) I know that he will continue to stand right by my side. I’m blessed to have opportunities such as this interview with You LaDessa, and to get a chance to meet and work with women every day. I love it, it makes me happy, and I hope I am contagious in this world.”

*Full Disclosure*

As a customer I can say first hand, my purchase of the Replenish wash, tone and moisturize three-step regimen was my foray into taking a vested interested into my skin. It was one of the best purchases I have made in quite some time. I can honestly say using these products have replenished my skin. These products too were just what I needed to combat the changes your skin experiences as age creeps upon you.

Please do your skin a favor and invest in the replenishment your skin has been missing. All new customers receive 10% off when using the discount code: WELCOME

Instagram: @replenishskincareco

For more information on Living Water International:

Check out my review of the Replenish Skin Care Company Products:

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