Cardi B – Baby On Board?

According to TMZ, Cardi B is pregnant. Not only is she pregnant, she is nice and pregnant, reportedly due in July. Which leads me to ask, why and why now? Cardi has seen the height of success we haven’t seen in quite some time, from just one hit single. Cardi is America’s newest darling. Millennials are putting her in position to make a complete transition from caricature to bona fide super star.

Lest I remind you, these are the same Millennials that were ready to send Remy Ma back to jail because they loved Nicki Minaj so much. Yet as of today, Minaj is missing from the scene and looking for her career knowing full well it has taken up residence at Cardi’s house. This pregnancy news along with no confirmed date for Cardi B’s debut album, could be the springboard Nicki was waiting on to reclaim her space.  Cardi’s second single, Bartier Cardi is a decent jam and being platinum is what Cardi’s infectious personality deserves. But in my opinion it’s not the certified follow-up smash she needed. Despite its saturation and way too many spins, Bodak Yellow still gets the club hyped more than a year later.


The video for Bartier Cardi was set to debut during a Love & Hip-Hop reunion, yet the debut never happened. When her disappointed fans asked what happened, Cardi explained, she was going through a management transition. This too, could be considered too soon. Though Cardi established a huge following on social media a few years ago, her current super-star status is in the infant stages of her budding career. Cardi has of course denied the pregnancy rumors, but if she is, hopefully she’ll glean from Beyonce’s pregnancy performing proficiency. She is still slated to perform at Coachella and go on tour with Bruno Mars.

Until we can hear it directly from Bartier Cardi herself, we’ll wait for the leaks from the gender reveal to hit the blogs. In the meantime, since we don’t have a video, check out T Pain’s rendition of Bartier Cardi.. I think he did his Nappy Boy thing.

Off Set, Yo Baby Crying!


Photo Cred: Instagram

Instagram: @cardib

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