Shinobi Ninja

In an effort to expand my footprint on social media, I was introduced to Baby G, one-sixth of the band, Shinobi Ninja. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York,  Shinobi Ninja is a six member band that delivers feel good songs that entertain but keep you “woke” at the same time. Their hooks invade your brain space all day long.  Case in point the infectious tune, What if times. This DIY group of hustlers shot the What if times video on a cell phone.  That “make it happened” tenacity sealed the deal for me.

Each of the members make this gumbo of Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, Funk and Reggae digestible for everyone’s musical pallet. Baby G, the only female in the crew, delivers vocals that are sultry with a jazzy late night quiet storm tone. Yet the mild raspy texture of her voice, blends harmoniously over the often hard hitting drums and strings that give this group’s sound their signature.

To my fellow dreamers, if you’re looking for a soundtrack to your pursuits, Shinobi Ninja has you covered. I basked in the way Social Issues don’t go unnoticed in their gritty take on music video production. What too struck me and won me over is the rhythmic vibration of their mission/goal. The unwritten lyrics read like this, “Not everyone may know who they are but those afforded the opportunity, will never forget.” To go against the grain takes nerve, however persistence and hard work, will in the end, create great opportunities. Opportunities, I am sure will be endless for this “gang of six.”


It’s clear Baby G, Alien Lex, Terminator Dave, DJ Axis Powers, Maniak Mike and Duke Sims, understand entertaining and informing from behind the mic takes a theater of mind concept few are gifted to exemplify. I am glad the Twittervirse led me to follow Baby G. My follow led her to introducing me to the greatness that is Shinobi Ninja. Now allow me to pay it forward, save you from the 27 song playlist that is in constant rotation on your local radio station and formally introduce you to Shinobi Ninja.

If you’re needing that push to get up, get out and get to it, check out what I have surmised as a goal diggers manifesto, authored by my new favorite band.

Find out more about Shinobi Ninja below:

Photo Cred: Instagram


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