I’m Rooting For Everybody Black

I’ve discovered more black excellence. His name is Aaron Avont Johnson. This young man is only 17 years old and his film making is critically acclaimed. Marching out of his pubescent years, Aaron has explored the challenges young people confront via his web series, “A Few Moments with Aaron.” With the support of his parents, a 12 year old Aaron’s vision of film making and production came to pass through his production company, Aaron Johnson Productions.

As a parent we’ve all had those moments when we’ve shared advice with our children, only for it to fall on deaf ears. That is until those same wise words of counsel come from one of their peers. In A Few Moments with Aaron, Aaron becomes that youthful voice of reason parents despise in their children’s presence but thank God for in private. He’s an award winning filmmaker and author, and he’s accomplished all of this before he’s reached voting age. He is currently working on his latest film, Maya but come February he’ll have to take a beat and bask in his success.

His short film, “Lost” will premier at the London International Film Festival. Lost, is set in Southern Florida where a young boy named, Job is trying to raise himself after tragedy strikes his family. There are no signs of slowing down for this young phenom,  per his website, casting is underway for a new film titled, The Christmas Wedding.


For more information on Aaron Avont Johnson, follow him on his social media platforms and if you are an aspiring actress/actor head over to his website for more information on The Christmas Wedding.



If you’d like to share some of these wise words with your children A Few Moments with Aaron are still on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI0a6heHhNWi3XGcZHVZriw

Website: https://www.instagram.com/aaronavontjohnson/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AaronJFans1

Photo Cred: Instagram

Personal Rant: There is a real problem within our society when a tastemaker and life changer like Aaron Avont Johnson has a social media following on both platforms of 36,966 and something called a Lil Pump has 9,703,000 people interested in what it is he is offering to his peers.

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