Living Your Best Life

Over the past year, I have watched a really good friend of mine live her best life. In the 6 years I’ve known her I have watched expand her career, understand what it really means to date and get real stamps in her passport. When we met she was in her late twenties and she is now in her thirties and she is the dictionary definition of living your best life.

I find myself doing a lot of reflecting on where I went wrong in my younger years. There are so many young women inspiring me to achieve all I set my mind to. There are times when I feel defeated. Feeling as though I have to put a rush on it and that time isn’t on my side. I allow myself those moments but I don’t carry them for long. Those moments are getting less and less and I quickly pick myself up out of those slumps. It’s essential you allow yourself those reflective moments to motivate you.

Society is far more forgiving than it use to be and that is why I am more than ever encouraged to live my best life.  It is my sincere hope, if you’re a late bloomer like me, you too will take this time to reinvent yourself and get on board with the latest hash tag. If you are younger, do not tarry, enjoy yourself but use your youth wisely, the party isn’t going anywhere, there will always be a VIP section and bottle service with your name on it.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Steal away to a quiet place with a mirror and tell the truth.

Release those “to the grave things” that haunt or stifle you. Get them off of you.  If those things require forgiveness, forgive yourself and any other parties involved.

  • Give yourself an environmental enema/Declutter

An enema is a procedure in which a substance is injected to expel waste. You get to determine what that substance is. If your friends, family, significant other or hell even your current lifestyle isn’t adding to your life, you need an injection of substance. Your desire for change in every aspect of your life will not be answered if your don’t administer this enema. It doesn’t matter how much you sweep your floor, it’s not truly clean until you mop it. It’s clean up time!  With the pathway clear, set the foundation to sustain it.

  • Figure out what your are good at. I know, I know, you are good at a lot of things.

What I’ve found triggers what you are called to do, is what you waste your time on. I know that sounds crazy but look at what your mindless interests are and how you are always saying/thinking you can perfect it. I am sure those wasted hours fall within the 10,000 hour rule. The 10,000 hour rule principle, holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field/to achieve mastery in a field. You’ve already given what you’re good at, these hours.

Now it’s time for you to change that waste into want and turn that time into taste making. A tastemaker is one who sets the standards of what is to be the next wave. (you complete the rest, whether that is fashion, beauty, reading materials, technology, the list goes on.) Keep in mind, your taste making may not be global in the beginning, but with enough engagement, there will be people to follow the trends you set.

  • Trust yourself
  • Get to Work
  • Take notes – Never let a thought/idea be lost or fogotten
  • There’s an app for that/an article teaching you how to do it.

Trust me there really isn’t anything new under the sun. What you want to do, someone has already done or is doing. But you know what hasn’t happened with that thing? You haven’t done it.

  • Reward yourself

Every time you make one move toward what you’ll do to change your/the world, reward yourself. This doesn’t cost money, it can be a sugar scrub, a good book or binge watch.

  • You have to travel – Play darts on a map.

Before you say it, yes you do have the money. It just requires discipline and the dreaded word NO! No, to anything that isn’t a need. It doesn’t have to be international travel. Use the map of your state, the map of your city. Take a car, bus or train ride to some place you’ve never been. You need fresh environments to reinvigorate your plan. You need to see things outside of your current scope. These things are motivators. Every state/city has a Candy Cane Lane. Seeing those beautifully decorated homes will do more than amaze you if your mind is right.

  • When Motivation runs low, Discipline has to take over.

If I can do it you can too. Case in point why you are reading this blog post right now!

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