It’s a Black Thing… I’m Sure You Understand

Black Women.. Curators of the Culture

I was taking a beat over the last few weeks and looking at the construct of the Black Woman. We are the move in the culture, we are the templates used to determine what is hot or not, we are Magic and we most definitely Rock. What I am most disappointed by is, all of the aforementioned is not taken into consideration when we are amongst ourselves. The backbiting and gossiping we do is not something we should take stock in.

Everyone from Revlon, Tyler Perry, the hair industry, to cinematic progression sees us as the new niche market. Yes we are on the rise in telling our own stories but there is still a silent cosign that I don’t think we need but really do appreciate. (Que, Amanda Seales’ Gem Droppin) I am so glad there are voices louder and with more reach than mine, calling people to task about concepts, styles, trends and beliefs that have been our way of life for years. With the help of the internet and social media, the stand against cultural appropriation is making its way to the masses but there is still more work to do.

Though man is not meant to be alone, how many more stories do we need about how we can’t get or keep one because we are too this or not of enough of that? For a myriad of reasons, yes, in some cases our hand has been forced to not be in relationship. Yet, our desire to or our inability to continue the lineage of the black family is not, well should not be someone else’s blue print to generational wealth. Our stories are ones of wonder to tell but others’ spin in order for them to be for sale, really chaps my hyde.

The saying, “I can do bad by myself” is one of empowerment but more importantly it’s a saying that reinforces strength, especially when it is recited by a black woman. For us, it’s not ALWAYS about the no-good man we’ve been trying to hold down, it’s speaks to the sheer fact that we will exhaust all possibilities.  Those exhausted possibilities are treaded waters and new blazed trails. Why isn’t the history of the saying or the movie speaking this narrative, celebrating our strength in its entirety? We are always having to rise from the ashes before our greatness is exuded or recognized. While our counterparts, hit the scene with their badassness on deck to be celebrated.

I love a Hallmark movie like any other girly-girl but the channel’s new mystery series shows the wit and smarts of their leading ladies from the opening fade in. Is it me or is infidelity always celebrated in Hallmark’s/Lifetime’s made for TV movies? The storyboard for these Hallmark/Lifetime movies read like this, woman in a relationship finds themselves realizing they are in love or finding that one true love while in a relationship with someone else. Buying in, the tissue full of our tears is strewn about.  Not that I agree with some of the portrayals of our leading ladies but explain to me, why Being Mary Jane and Scandal’s leading ladies are hash-tagged to oblivion. Seems a bit off color to me. #allpunintended

With #WOKE needing more than the growth of our thumb muscles, it’s time we take our rightful place as the Curators of the Culture.


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