Papa Don’t Preach

We’ve had a front row seat of the ebbs and flows of Rhianna’s relationship with her dad. It can be described as explosive at times but last year, she did drop 1.8 million on a house for him. So even when he is speaking out of turn she’s going to make sure he’s straight I’m sure his propensity for sharing his unsolicited opinion isn’t one of Little Miss Sunshine’s favorite things about her dad but he sure does make good chat-bout for us. This time around, Pop Fenty finds himself aligned with Naomi Campbell, who too is non-too pleased with his daughter’s new love interest. New Bae, is Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel, whose billionaire family is believed to be one of the wealthiest in the world.

I can fall in line with one of the reasons Mr. Fenty is upset about his daughter’s new bae. “A friend sent me [pictures] on Facebook of them kissing in the pool,” he tells an UK publication. I mean his daughter is grown but you’d think he’d rather not have someone water cooling about his child and he not know who he is or anything about him. He did say he knew she was dating but not to what extent. Now where I have to fall off the bandwagon is when his discontent speaks to Hassan’s ethnicity. Still yapping, he says, “I was looking for someone of color, a darker color, but whatever makes her happy. He’s very tall.”

Did Pop Fenty, just imply Hassan isn’t black enough? Seems so. He would’ve been better off leaning on the sketchy cloud that follows the Jameel family; a cloud that allegedly includes, kidnapping and libel lawsuits. According to other sources, Rhianna has checked her dad, telling him in not so many words to mind his business and not sabotage this for her. Even if heartbreak is on the horizon for Rhianna, she’s been through worse and came out on the other end, (sing with me) shining bright like a diamond. In the words of Madonna, Papa don’t preach, she’s made up her mind, she’s keeping her bae.


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