Have You Met Ace Hood?

Of course we were all familiar with him but we’d only met him, informally through someone else. It was about a week ago though, that we were formally introduced and I have to say I am glad I was given the opportunity. Sharing his transition from signed artist to independent artist, Ace Hood was featured on New York’s Power 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club. The interviewed lasted a little over 30 minutes and while a good portion of the interview was about his former label he never displayed the irritation I felt, as they asked the same question in various ways.

I appreciated that as the hosts asked the standard click – bait questions that would prompt a less seasoned artist to speak ill of their former label, Ace Hood remained resolute in his stance. This time in his life is a transition he had to do for himself. He stood on his talent, his faith in his craft and answered the proverbial question, “Do you want to be famous or do you want to do what you love for as long as you can and still be able to feed your family.” I watched in full fan mode and was pleased, his answer was the latter.

The ringing theme during the Breakfast Club interview and the others he had last week was, the title of his newly released project is what he is doing with the next stage of his career. He has made up his mind to “Trust the Process.” Who can shun that or see him as a fool because he understood his “keys” to “fan love” was for him to establish himself outside of the fanfare that comes with being signed to a label whose head is also an artist. The stories are endless of how those situations never worked out for artists.

As I dug deeper into Ace Hood and his lyrical skillset I found that his single, “To Whom it May Concern” is far more reaching than other artists’ attempt to set themselves free and find their core audience. Though he still has his former label name tatted on his body, poignant lines like, “No More We the Best, but Khaled still my man. Critics want the beef but I’m not feeding in. My loyalty don’t stop even if we don’t speak again.” are real standouts and why I am now a fan.

In this song he expresses that he leaves it all in the booth and he now understands what’s for him is his and his alone. It was also very refreshing to see that his formal label made no attempt to shut his new pathway down. Those stories of blackball and silence attempts are too just as plentiful. His famous connects and relationships may not be what they once were but it was good to see true fans of the culture like Sway, publications and blogs receive him. Affording him the opportunity and the platform to show his talent appreciated the cosign, but even without it he will persevere.

Ace Hood’s latest project is out now, do yourself a favor “Trust the Process” and give it a listen.

PS.. Congrats to Ace Hood, per his Instagram post he has reached 1 million streams of his latest project


To find out more about Ace Hood:

Instagram: @acehood

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Acehood

Trust The Process


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