It’s Our Anniversary

Martiiiiin Lawrence

Can you believe one of the greatest TV sitcoms of all time is 25 years old? Martin hands down was and still is comedy television gold. Even though it’s well known the demise of the show was because of Martin’s substance participation and boundary issues with Tisha Campbell, I know I am not the only person that still blames her for the show ending.

Legend has it Martin and Tisha were indeed messing around and that is why their chemistry was unmatched in TV coupledom. Yet, when Tisha moved on to her relationship with her husband, Martin didn’t take to kindly to it. Martin was power tripping despite him having a woman and we all know how the story ended.  I know this will never happen but I’d champion and lead the campaign for a Martin reboot. Just don’t think it would work without Tommy and he could never be recast.

On the other hand, if there was a Martin Show or Martin career jeopardy, my husband and I would kill it. There isn’t a Martin show or movie we haven’t seen or can’t quote almost line for line. Though there isn’t a Martin jeopardy, the show has made such an impact on the culture, there is a trivia game. I’d suggest you all check it out.  I have to say this trivia game did have me and my husband stumped on some minor details. It’ll make for a great kick-back drinking game.

PS.. Be on the look out for me and my husband’s video properly titled, There’s a Martin Line for that.








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