Brandy vs. Herself


Brandy is once again letting her desire for Monica’s life get her in a tizzy. Yesterday the world celebrated life of Whitney Houston on what would’ve been her 54th birthday. Per usual the former duet powerhouse expressed their love and admiration for the late singer and The Real Vocal Bible. As Monica does with all things, she kept it sweet and to the point.

A post shared by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on Aug 9, 2017 at 1:50am PDT


Brandy however, in her “look at me, look at me” fashion had to write a thesis statement about how wonderful her bond was with Whitney Houston. Mind you this is the same person who wasn’t giving her idol the time of day, days prior to her death.  As we all recall, Whitney clearly on tilt walked into Monica and Brandy’s interview and passed Brandy a note concerning the playboy ways of Brandy’s brother and Whitney’s then love interest, Ray-J. Rather than stopping the interview and tending to Whitney’s erratic concern, she passed the note on to her publicist with disgust and irritation on her face. Lest I remind you, Brandy too was so broken hearted about Whitney’s death that she still attended Clive Davis’ party with Whitney resting in peace just above her head.

Que up Mariah Carey’s Obsessed. Monica has yet and will never respond to her so it’s about time she let the envy go. It would really help her with her new found “light” she is always yapping about. As it is rumored to be said when Monica was guest-hosting at The Real, “There is no need to respond to her when I know she’d give up all she’s attained in her life to have the life I have. Moesha residual checks and all” #Catch

My only question for Brandy is, why this rant wasn’t preluded with an @ in front of Monica’s name? I’ll just answer my own question, she don’t really want those problems.



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