Jazz Anderson

“You know Tami Roman’s daughter raps.”  “With extensions in my hair, Bamboo earrings, at least two pair, A Fendi bag and a bad attitude” eye roll, “Of course she does.” I said

A parent was asked, “Why do you work so hard?” The response was plain but resolute, “Nepotism.” In the case of Tami Roman and her daughter Jazz, I get it but I didn’t get it. What good is it, for your parent to be a celebrity and you not benefit from it? Yet, Hip-Hop has had enough failed attempts with celebrity kids wanting in, to last us a lifetime.

I consider myself a true Hip-Hop aficionado and I remember Tami’s Real World hand at rapping LOL.  My thinking was, if her daughter’s skillset fell within that level of ability I wasn’t interested. Tami is also a beautiful woman, when I learned her other daughter was a model, I didn’t rebuff that at all. Again I got it, but I didn’t get it with the daughter that rapped.

Fast-forward to a retweet about Jazz Anderson, Tami Roman’s daughter having a song featuring R&B vocal cocoa butter, Tweet. “Hold on now, I know Tweet is not handing out vocal favors and her own daughter has a set of pipes that’s on par now with some of your faves’ faves.” I said. Curiosity being what it is, I clicked the soundcloud link and Man listen, I was blown away. Jazz Anderson is a beast! Lyrically she a dominate force.

A refreshing wordsmith delivering perfectly manicured 16s over harmonious and hard-hitting beat production that seamlessly fits her feminine tenor vocals, is a breath of fresh air. The single’s reminiscent title, “Oh My” featuring Tweet, showcases Jazz’ stance. It isn’t her parents’ notoriety she stands on, she is blazing a trail all her own.  Her loyalty to the culture’s roots of thought-provoking metaphors and punch-lines is ever present. It would be my best guess, it’s also why, she does what she does and does it WELL!!

What was unprecedented for me, as I watched the videos on her vevo page, I never once zeroed in on what she wore or the image she’s selling. When it comes to females in Hip-Hop we’ve been sold the image first before the music. This is not the case with Jazz. Her style is Tom-Boy Chic, takes you back to the days of Aaliyah. Jazz gives you a girly flirt a time or two but she isn’t selling her cat trap and the only brain skill she sells, is the one atop her head. There are plenty of her counter-parts bustin’ it open for a real one.

Jazz is no dummy, you don’t pull together #BARZ the way she does and not have a heart for proper word structure.  It gets funky when you got a subject and a predicate. Add it on a dope beat and that’ll make you think. She does this lyrically eloquent with her song, ERA. As you watch her videos and check out her pictures on The Gram, she of course is styled to the 9s and her beats are flawless but Jazz Anderson has IT. There are no if, ands or buts about it. I love that her STAR POWER is simple, She just is ONE. As skillful with her wordplay as Jazz is, anything less than showcasing that, would be a detriment to her rise to the top.

In the words of her Mother, do yourself a favor and “Get into it.”

Find out more about Jazz Anderson


instagram: @jazzanderson


photo cred: instagram






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