Web MD – Someone call the Dr.

mingThis post isn’t about the site that we all run to when those heat bumps rise on your arm or your side has been hurting longer than you can take. The Web MD I am referring to is the person on the WWW Dot that has healed the ailments or provided you with the salve you needed to get up and get it. To Live Your Dream Out Loud!

Have you ever really taken a beat to understand why they call it the Web? This Web is something else! It is just as spectacular as it is spoiled. Spoiled meaning rotten/past its expiration date growing the basics for penicillin. The web is quite elaborate. Creators of the web, understood our curiosity and our yearn for more is instinctive. No one had to really teach us how to use the web, they showed us. It was as if we were born knowing how. The information you were initially seeking anchors the thread of pages you will find yourself at, before you log off or close your browser. As we point and click back and forth, the web, it adds more threads, strengthening our curiosity and creating a pattern.

That one click supports the web and the threads go around and around the web until you have either found the answer, the person you were looking for or found things and those you weren’t looking for. Before you know it, you are connected to what can help or harm you. Just like that, you are caught in the WORLD WIDE WEB. Taking time you will be able to recycle or time you will have to consider a waste. It is filling that point and click prescription that determines who will be your Web MD.

I found my Web Provider Network initially being a slave to fashion and enjoying a Shady Room @shaderoom and Baller Alerts @balleralert. My Web MD is much younger than I, but her willingness to share her drive more than what she drives, is what made me want to write again. Through her, I have pointed and clicked my way through so many others that are just as driven and inspire and challenge me for the better. Her grind is what makes her glamorous to me and I am sure to the many others she inspires.

It took a minute though, but the more I looked at how my passion for fashion was sometimes met with a pinch for a penny, I had to get myself together. I had been sitting with this name Blogless Behavior for at least six years. It wasn’t until I found my Web MD @minglee and watched the snippets she shares via social media and her youtube page that I got up and got it done. “Let today be the last day you say you will do it tomorrow.” – Ming Lee. This was the medicine she injected in my veins and I have been working to get this blog off the ground ever since.

I don’t know if I will ever be anyone’s Web MD but I certainly hope I have helped you spin your web in the right direction and helped you fill your passion’s prescription.

Learn more about Ming Lee via http://www.instagram.com/iamminglee and http://www.snoblife.com


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