Fame vs. Fortune

Where Them Dollars @?????

How often have you taken on the joy of reading the comments under your favorite blog’s post on a particular celebrity.  I would venture to say, the real tea is in the comments, not the article itself. With that in mind, I’d like to address the commentators who mock people for not putting their wealth on display or not maintaining the image and grandeur they had when you first met them.

It was a random Saturday, I was at the dentist when I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners of Rap Snacks. He was just sitting unassumingly, waiting for his mom as she was having her oral health taken care of. I am a student of quality so I knew from his Italian leather shoes, he understood the importance of quality footwear. Little did I know, I was sitting in presence of entrepreneurial greatness.  That is my message to you commenters, you just never know who you are around or who you might run into.

While you are assuming someone has fallen off because they aren’t having their records spun on your local radio station, doesn’t mean the goal of generational wealth isn’t happening. There I was understanding that artists like Fabulous wouldn’t have to release another album again if they didn’t want to. Why you ask? Whomever their multiple streams of income Subject Matter Experts are, understand that YOU all aren’t buying music the way you used to. Touring is fine, but everyone’s goal should be making what I have coined “Pajama Money.” That’s money that is being made on a consistent cycle, even while you are sleep in your pajamas.

Someone like Fabulous has a team that understands that. Fab, is one of the latest Hip-Hop stars to get on the Rap Snack pajama money train. Laugh you might, at the corner store/bodega commodity, but this dollar sign generator answers the question, do you want to be famous or do you want to maintain a fortune? It’s safe to say the person you’ve determined is formally famous, may have chosen the latter.

rap snack


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