Cardi B – Baby On Board?

According to TMZ, Cardi B is pregnant. Not only is she pregnant, she is nice and pregnant, reportedly due in July. Which leads me to ask, why and why now? Cardi has seen the height of success we haven’t seen in quite some time, from just one hit single. Cardi is America’s newest darling. Millennials are putting her in position to make a complete transition … Continue reading Cardi B – Baby On Board?

Chris Brown-Is The Difference Between Talent and Gifted

Talent comes with rigorous practice and dedication. Being gifted is a whole other beast and this kid despite his wayward past is just that, GIFTED. It’s as simple as this. There isn’t much this young man can’t do. Including redeeming his transgressions. Get into the latest visuals from Chris Brown and some guy named Lil Dicky..  Yes I know this isn’t Chris’ song but hey … Continue reading Chris Brown-Is The Difference Between Talent and Gifted

Is that silver? No it’s Platinum!

Congrats are in order to Tammy Rivera. Her independently released single, “All These Kisses” is RIAA certified platinum. The single produced by Mr. Turn the Lights On, Rico Love achieved this accomplishment without a major label or its machine. The Comment Section initially shunned her talent and tried to regulate her to rapper’s wife status.  That was until she displayed her bona fide vocal ability … Continue reading Is that silver? No it’s Platinum!

Dominique DeMoss

Here at Blogless Behavior, we are always looking to celebrate the accomplishments of those, Who Got Next. With that in mind, allow me to present to some and introduce to others, Dominique DeMoss. Through her skin care line, Replenish Skin Care, Dominique most definitely Has Next. Spending a decade plus celebrating the beauty of women via Makeup Artistry, Dominique found herself taking on the task … Continue reading Dominique DeMoss